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Do discurso oral ao texto escrito nas aulas de ciências (2009)

OLIVEIRA, CARLA MARQUES ALVARENGA DE                                             acceder a la tesis
Do discurso oral ao texto escrito nas aulas de ciências (2009)
Tesis doctoral: Universidad de Sao Paulo
Directora;  Anna Maria Pessoa de Varvalho

RESUMEN: This study is a qualitative research that analized the relationship between the oral speech and the written record, in Science classes of the 4th grade of Elementary School. In such classes, investigative activities created by the Laboratory of Research and Teaching of Physics, of the Faculty of Education at University of São Paulo, were performed in which the students were asked to discuss and write about a scientific subject. In order to establish a relationship, it was necessary a bibliographic revision of what is recognized to be an efficient Science Education, about the importance of having in such Science classes activities that conduct students to the discussion of ideas with their classmates, the written record of the activities, as well as about how other authors have analized the speech of students in the classroom. The data of the study consists of transcriptions of three classes of the didactic sequence of The submergence of the Nautilus and the written records produced in such classes. The analysis aimed to relate the oral participation of the five students of the sample group with their written records. In the analysis, it was considered the following aspects: the subject used in the speech, the verbs employed, the a chronology of the events, the structure of thought according to the Toulmin Model, the indicators of scientific literacy and the support of the drawing to the written text. After the analysis it was possible to reach the conclusion that: the oral discussion helps students during the writing; the written records of those who really engage in the discussion have superior argumentative elements, or at least equivalent to those used in the oral discussion; the ideas stated during discussion are present in the written record of the activity of many students; the discussion of the ideas is relevant for the distribuition of knowledge; and finaly, the records of the students that did not take part in the discussion are incomplete and have fewer argumentative elements. In this context, it is emphasized the importance of exercising students speaking and writing skills, when developing a theme during the activities of Science classes, in order to improve the level of scientific knowledge of those students.

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