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Praxis Filosófica Journal is a biannual journal of the Department of Philosophy at the Universidad del Valle (Cali, Colombia). Its main objective is to publicize original works, advances and research results produced in different areas of philosophy. Since its foundation in 1977, Praxis Filosófica offers its pages to the national and international community for the publication of articles, book reviews in English, Spanish, French, German and Portuguese, and also for Spanish translations. The content of the original publications is the exclusive responsibility of their authors.

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Editor / Manager: François Gagin

Editorial assistant: María del Mar Escobar Muñoz


ISSN: 0120-4688

ISSN (D): 2389-9387

No 43 (2016): Praxis Filosófica Journal

Julio-Diciembre de 2016

Table of Contents

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  7 -11
Reasons and causes: Wittgenstein versus Davidson PDF
Alejandro Tomasini 13-36
Plato on the political role of poetry. The expulsion of the traditional poets and the reform of poetry PDF
Laura Liliana Gomez 37-56
Diogenes Laertius biographical model and Marsilio Ficino 's "Vita Platonis" PDF
Teresa Rodriguez 57-75
Practical reason, habit, and care in Aristotle PDF
Juan Pablo Bermúdez 77-102
Only substances have essence ’ : Aristotle’s argument in Metaphysics Z5 PDF
Ricardo Salles 103-128
On the Responsability in Aristotelian Ethics PDF
Kteherine Esponda 128-154
Among Skinner contextualism and parennial problems: a proposal to interpret the classics PDF
Rafael Silva 155-183
Leibniz and reductionism of spatial relations PDF
Efrain Lazos 185-200
Metaphors, Analogies, and Thought Experiments as Counterfactual Conditionals: a Metaphilosophical account of Scientific Methodology PDF
Jorge Ornelas 201-224
Nonconceptual Contents in Kant´s Philosophy PDF
Pedro Stepanenko 225-242


Academics versus Phyrrhonians: ancient skepticism and modern philosophy PDF
Christian Felipe Pineda 245-289

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