No 43 (2016)

Praxis Filosófica Journal

Julio-Diciembre de 2016

Table of Contents

Editorial Note

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  7 -11
Reasons and causes: Wittgenstein versus Davidson PDF
Alejandro Tomasini 13-36
Plato on the political role of poetry. The expulsion of the traditional poets and the reform of poetry PDF
Laura Liliana Gomez 37-56
Diogenes Laertius biographical model and Marsilio Ficino 's "Vita Platonis" PDF
Teresa Rodriguez 57-75
Practical reason, habit, and care in Aristotle PDF
Juan Pablo Bermúdez 77-102
Only substances have essence ’ : Aristotle’s argument in Metaphysics Z5 PDF
Ricardo Salles 103-128
On the Responsability in Aristotelian Ethics PDF
Kteherine Esponda 128-154
Among Skinner contextualism and parennial problems: a proposal to interpret the classics PDF
Rafael Silva 155-183
Leibniz and reductionism of spatial relations PDF
Efrain Lazos 185-200
Metaphors, Analogies, and Thought Experiments as Counterfactual Conditionals: a Metaphilosophical account of Scientific Methodology PDF
Jorge Ornelas 201-224
Nonconceptual Contents in Kant´s Philosophy PDF
Pedro Stepanenko 225-242


Academics versus Phyrrhonians: ancient skepticism and modern philosophy PDF
Christian Felipe Pineda 245-289

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